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Computer Network Security Mistakes to Avoid

A lot of work will go into keeping a small business running efficiently. A business owner will have to always be thinking a number of steps ahead to avoid problems. Having a functional computer network is a must in today’s business environment. Neglecting to have a quality network may cause a company to lose their competitive edge. The main concern a business owner should have regarding their computer network is keeping it secure. There are a variety of things that should be done to keep this network safe, which is why working with the right Managed IT Services & Security is important. Below are some of the computer network security mistakes a business will need to avoid at all costs.

Not Taking Passwords Seriously

One of the main ways hackers will try to infiltrate a computer network is by finding out a user’s password. Not regularly changing the passwords used on a network can lead to a variety of problems. Also, if an employee has all of their passwords posted on a sticky note in their office, they are asking for trouble. It is the job of a business owner to make sure that passwords are changed regularly and kept secret. Putting priority on the changing of passwords can help a business owner avoid a number of compromising situations.

Opening Email Attachments Can Be Problematic

Among the most common ways hackers will put viruses on a computer network is by sending them in email attachments. Any time a person receives an email from an unknown sender, they will need to exercise caution. Letting these types of viruses loose on a computer network will usually lead to a variety of problems and will compromise all of the sensitive information on the network. A business owner will need to speak with their employees regarding the opening of suspicious emails.

With the help of the right IT company, a business owner will have no problem keeping their computer network safe and secure. The team at 3i International have been helping businesses with their computer repair and security needs for years. Call them or visit their website for more information on what they can offer.

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